Funeral of a Marathoner

Physically and mentally, you’d never know I ran the Marine Corp Marathon 2 weeks ago.  The level of fitness that took months to develop has all but disappeared in the past two weeks. It’s almost like a period of mourning when it’s all over.  You commit so completely to the process of training to be ready for the big day, you don’t even realize how EVERYTHING else takes a backseat.  Even my husband slept on the couch for at least two months leading up to the race so he didn’t keep me up with his snoring.  I ain’t gonna lie…I like the bed to myself!  No shame in my game, sleep is my number one priority as I get older.  I digress…😊

This was my second marathon, my first one being in 2008.  I guess it’s like labor, you don’t remember the grueling training or the post-marathon emptiness.  Had I remembered, I would have been hypnotized against chocolate, removed all credit cards from my possession, and packed my days with activities that didn’t involve laying on the couch watching TV.  It’s almost like being socially paralyzed.  You start looking for things to fill the void like comfort food, DVD’s on how to knit, and hundreds of dollars worth of revitalizing face cream (all of which you KNOW you’ll never use)!  

I took a week off before hitting the asphalt again.  I started with short distances of 3-6 miles wondering how the hell I just did 26.2 cause I am like a slug at the 2 mile mark.  I was hoping that seeing bits of the NYC Marathon yesterday would reignite my passion.  Instead, my run today had me wondering…why am I out here?  I’d rather be back at home eating the Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food that was 3/$10 at Stop and Shop yesterday…Win!  

macro photography of pair of black and white nike running shoes
Photo by Aman Jakhar on

I have no idea what the hell I’m doing.  I signed up for a 30 day challenge with Danette May, God knows I’m not doing that!  Another $47 on-line donation.  I can’t do gluten free when all I’m craving is chocolate chip cookies!  And the free 30 day meditation series with Oprah and Deepak, yup the daily sessions piling up in my inbox are still in bold type.  Oh well.  I’m sure at some point I’ll get my crap together.  For now I’m gonna work on my knitting and face wrinkles.  😬 Peace out.

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