NOSE HAIRS in a masked world!

Way back, when I was deciding what to call my blog, my first inclination was: Plucking Gray Nose Hairs!  You can go to the gym, eat less than 1000 calories a day, and get lyposuction. There are so many ways to fight the signs of aging.  But GRAY NOSE HAIRS!!!???  Those little bastards like to remind you, you can run but you can’t hide.  It never fails.  I’ll be all dressed up, in the car on my way somewhere, and the sun hits at just the right angle.  Oh, hello there!!!  How on earth could a silver hair, long enough to measure with a ruler, go undetected?!  Undetected that is, until you find yourself in a position where you have NO WAY to fix it!

facemask pic

“Maybe it’s a nose hair”, said Carol after she changed her mask for a second time.  The daily entertainment of wearing a shitty-ass hospital provided mask for 12 hours, is full of endless possibilities.  Feeling like there’s always something in there.  Tiny fibers that will end up causing a class-action lawsuit for pulmonary fibrosis 10 years from now???  When Carol claimed it may be a nosehair, I literally started to laugh.

Considering the current state of affairs where everyone (well mostly everyone) is unselfishly wearing masks, there is definitely a positive side to the situation.   Bad breath, broccoli in your teeth, forgot to brush your teeth…there are benefits far beyond keeping your germs to yourself!  In some regards, I could find refuge in a masked world.  Whether I’m preventing myself from offending, or grateful to not be offended, there could be worse things I’m required to do.

braided nosehairsUntil Carol mentioned her own unwanted furry appendages, I didn’t really think about it.  When WAS the last time I pulled out my tiny scissors or tweezers?  (Yes, I know, there are electric devices to handle the “lawn maintenance” but I haven’t yet graduated to that.)  Like shaving your legs, the more you shave, the more you have to shave.  The same holds true for nosehairs.  So, tweezers it is…  Yes, pulling out your nosehairs via old-school method, with a pair of tweezers, is torture.  If you have a need to cry on demand it is a sure-fire way of making that happen.  Clearly, I’m not the only one who has this area on the frequent “maintenance list”.

If I can give you any advice regarding nosehairs in a masked world…BEWARE!  While we are getting used to the fact of being able to hide everything from a snarky smirk to what we ate for lunch.  Nosehairs are flourishing!  If you think there’s “something” in your mask, think again.  That moment will come when we least expect it.  They’ll be unmasked and gleaming in the sun!

woman screaming at nosehairs

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